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SWAA Ghana successfully held elections on 2nd July 2014 to elect a new executive council to lead the organization for the next two years. The handing over ceremony took place on August 12th 2014 at UNAIDS conference room. Ms Nancy Ansah the outgoing President, handed over the mantle of Presidency to Ms Gloria Dei Tutu.
SWAA Ghana in collaboration with Ghana AIDS Commission reached 2851 youth and 1293 adults on HIV prevention activities and distributed 3,485 condoms under the ‘Protect the Goal’ Campaign in 2014. HIV testing and counselling services were also organized at lorry stations and market centers in Accra
SWAA Ghana in collaboration with Hope for Future Generations and support from the Information Unit of the Ga West District Assembly conducted a Community Sensitization and Education program on Cholera and Ebola in the Ga West district. Community members were educated on how to prevent and manage a person infected with Cholera or Ebola
ICASA 2015
SWAA Ghana was represented at the 18th International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa (ICASA) held in Zimbabwe.

Volunteering your time, services and talents would be very beneficial. Many individuals over the years have dedicated their lives into making this society a success. By volunteering, you become an active member.

You gain new experiences and knowledge from different environments which you will keep for life. Even though the experience can be challenging, it is very rewarding knowing that you have helped and made a difference to the lives of others.

If you are interested in volunteering your services please email us a statement about yourself, your experiences in life and the reasons why you would like to help SWAA. Details will be sent to you upon receipt of your request.

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