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SWAA Ghana successfully held elections on 2nd July 2014 to elect a new executive council to lead the organization for the next two years. The handing over ceremony took place on August 12th 2014 at UNAIDS conference room. Ms Nancy Ansah the outgoing President, handed over the mantle of Presidency to Ms Gloria Dei Tutu.
SWAA Ghana in collaboration with Ghana AIDS Commission reached 2851 youth and 1293 adults on HIV prevention activities and distributed 3,485 condoms under the ‘Protect the Goal’ Campaign in 2014. HIV testing and counselling services were also organized at lorry stations and market centers in Accra
SWAA Ghana in collaboration with Hope for Future Generations and support from the Information Unit of the Ga West District Assembly conducted a Community Sensitization and Education program on Cholera and Ebola in the Ga West district. Community members were educated on how to prevent and manage a person infected with Cholera or Ebola
ICASA 2015
SWAA Ghana was represented at the 18th International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa (ICASA) held in Zimbabwe.

SWAA Ghana successfully held elections on 2nd July 2014 to elect a new executive council to lead the organization for the next two years. The handing over ceremony took place on August 12th 2014 at UNAIDS conference room. Ms Nancy Ansah the outgoing President, handed over the mantle of Presidency to Ms Gloria Dei Tutu. The occasion was used to acknowledge the outgoing Executives for their hard work and dedication. Present at the ceremony were a representative from UNAIDS, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Ghana AIDS Commission, UNFPA and GHANET.

New Executive Council Members:

  • Gloria Dei-Tutu - President
  • Amerley Awua-Asamoah - Vice President
  • Elsie Ayeh - Secretary
  • Adwoa Anima Ohene - Assistant Secretary
  • Yesta Gadabor - Treasurer
  • Vera Quaye - Public Relations Officer
  • Gifty Torkornu - Executive Member
  • Joana Polley - Executive Member
  • Cecilia Lodonu Senoo - Technical Advisor
  • Lucy Owusu Darko - Technical Advisor
  • Nancy Ansah - Immediate Past President

The occasion was used to recount SWAA’s achievements and challenges for the past four years and the way forward for the next two years. The outgoing President in her speech thank the almighty God, her team, predecessor, her employers, stakeholders and staff for their immerse support during her term of office. She elaborated on the following achievements and challenges during her tenure of office.

She said though SWAA membership is undergoing change, the focus is shifting from just membership in number to members who will be committed and contribute both skills and substance to keep the organization going. Since the donor landscape has changed SWAA expects members who ask what they can do for SWAA and not vice versa. SWAA will thus embark on membership drive to inject people with the requisite skills to enable her achieve results.

SWAA Building Complex
In her acceptance speech last four years, she had mentioned that her predecessors led the process to purchase a land for an office complex. She and her team went further to purchase four plots at Oyibi near Valley University from Redrow Limited but later settled on two plots which will serve the same purpose. The Global Fund for Women has also approved $13,000 for preparatory work, registration of the land, getting architectural work and service design. She also urges other organizations to support SWAA to build a beautiful office complex with offices, conference facilities and other facilities for our organisation.

SWAA was able to replace the old Toyota Caravan bus with a new four wheel Honda Pilot to support its activities.

She acknowledged SWAA staff who stayed on the job for long and kept faith with the organization in between funding periods, to keep the office going and also support fundraising.

Network and Advocacy
SWAA participated in almost all meetings of Ghana AIDS Commission and various networks and coalitions and in various international workshops and conferences, namely:

  • The international Human rights conference organized by the Africa Commission on Human rights and Peoples rights
  • ICASA 2011 in Ethiopia
  • International Conference on female Condom in the Netherlands
  • The 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington DC in 2012
  • A workshop on Female Condom in Ethiopia in November 2013
  • International AIDS conference in Melbourne, Australia

Fund Raising
During her tenure of office, the team was able to raise GH¢2,074,219.02 to implement the following projects:

  • Support for international family planning organization (SIFPO)
  • Elimination of mother to Child transmission
  • Eliminating new infections of HIV and AIDS among Children and youth in the Greater Accra Region
  • Scaling up the use of female condom with the right based approach
  • Confidence building for Kayayei
  • Strengthen district capacity for community based interventions for family planning
  • Strengthened and scaling up national multi-sectoral, decentralized AIDS response to achieve universal Access target by 2016

Core funding to cover administrative and staff cost is a challenge especially during the period in between projects.

The Incoming President’s Acceptance Speech
In her acceptance speech, the incoming President on behalf of the New Executive, acknowledged that the task ahead is not easy but she and her team will continue with the vision of SWAA.

She promised to collaborate with Ghana’s First lady who is a Vice President of the Organization of African First Ladies Against HIV and AIDS (OAFLA), to implement the action plan of African First Ladies, Ghana AIDs Commission and to contribute to the fight against HIV and AIDS. SWAA will continue to advocate for increased awareness and to mobilize resources for the development of leadership, policies, strategizes and actions to address HIV and AIDS at the national, regional and international levels. She and her team will direct energies towards meeting SWAA Ghana’s Vision, Mission and Core Values.

The team will continue the membership drive to bring on board all women and girls who will make an impact to the organization and improve the Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights of Women and Girls to reduce HIV and AIDS in Ghana.